Environmental management system

Do you know that every time you come on holiday to VELA BLU CAMPING VILLAGE you get on in contact with the environment around us?

Of course, on one side you will experience new places, have fun on the beach and discover aspect about the local population and their tradition.

But on the other side, we produce rubbish, we use water, energy and any others natural resources.

There are many things we can do to limit the negative image about the environment and nevertheless increase tourism.

The Vela Blu Camping Village, which takes care of the environment, has adopted an environmental management system that involves all of us: direction, staff and guests.

Our system helps and teaches us:

  • to reduce the environmental problem which can come to exist directly or indirectly by the activities done in the campsite, but nevertheless to take care to limit the constant increase in the quality and the quantity of the supplied services;
  • to try to dispose intelligently of the waste during certain situation where there is no control of the natural resources;
  • to search for new products and innovative technologies that will help to imorive the management of environment;
  • to keep our staff and all the people who work for agencies or for themselves, dealing with environmental issues in a good way. This can be periodically examed by the Direction;
  • to keep an updated list of safety rules on the work floor and the OHSAS system requirements, so all the workers/ organisations use the right methods;
  • to develop new plans and procedures of self-control with an eye to environmental risks and to plan possible emergencies;
  • to collect all informations from our guests, from the authorities and other interested parties so that the management-procedure will get better and better.

We wish our guests a nice holiday, and to our collaborators who will help us to offer a good service and take care about the environment, a good work and a successful season.