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Dear Friends,

Even the Vela Blu Camping Village adheres with pleasure and pride to the initiative of our municipality

"A Braccia Aperte (With open Arms)" dedicated to all Italian health workers, who with heroism and a deep sense of duty, spend their lives and their work to the battle against Covid-19.

With this initiative we offer to Italian healthcare workers a 7-day-stay completely free of charge.

To send your requests, connect to the website

  where you will find the electronic form to be completed in detail to formulate your booking’s request.

We inform you that the "A Braccia Aperte (With open Arms)" initiative is only valid only for the season 2020 and that reservations are managed directly by the staff of the

Parco Turistico del Cavallino.

A greeting and a hug from the staff of Vela Blu Camping Village and the citizens of Cavallino Treporti