The Village


Imagine nearly four hectares of natural pine forest…In actual fact...

Why limit yourselves to imagining them when you can come and enjoy them at the Cavallino Vela Blu Camping Village?

One of the characteristic traits of this place is in fact the lush natural greenery and the fact that the village is set right on the beach.

What's more: this is doubtless one of the most beguiling stretches of the Adriatic Riviera.

If you pick the Vela Blu Camping Village, you'll be able to stay in one of our masonry bungalows featuring all the modern commodities or in a modern maxicaravan or even choose to camp outright for open-air tourism in pitches which are equipped with ultra modern services.

Here, every moment of your day will be an unforgettable experience: thanks to our entertainment team, you can enjoy a sporting holiday with fun and games for all ages, with trained staff to help look after your children.

In addition, as proof that the Vela Blu Camping Village is a top-level facility, where all the services are of the utmost quality, the facility was awarded ISO 14001 certification for quality and environmental friendliness, along with prestigious recognition by major bodies including ADAC (the German automobile club) and ANWB (the Dutch automobile club).

In addition, since 2006, Cavallino has been assigned the Blue Flag, an acknowledgement which the FEE attributes to the best beaches due to the good quality of the water and coast, the appropriate services offered and the sensitivity to environmental awareness.