About us

We tell each other...

Vela Blu Camping is a small oasis of peace and serenity, where it is easy to meet sincere smiles, those of our staff and those who visit us.

A village born in the 1960s, where we have always cultivated the idea of an open-air holiday, to be enjoyed at a slow pace, with all the services and attention, to enjoy a carefree holiday, surrounded by the authentic nature of Cavallino.

Our story

The Vela Blu Camping Village was born under a different name in the 1960s and in 1995 became part of the group that gives it its current name. From this date on, a process of redevelopment of all the facilities and the offer began, bringing it up to European standards; restyling of the accommodation, renovation of the internal road network, and embellishment of the green areas and the entire village.

The dream that with commitment and perseverance we have managed to realise has always been to build a village capable of embracing as many needs as possible. Starting from the beginning we set our village as pet friendly and, in 2019, we joined the Village4All family that certifies us as an “accessible village”.

As supporters of the open-air holiday and lovers of nature, in 2002 we acquired an area in front of and bordering our village in order to expand the green space available to all our guests.

In 2017 we were awarded a fourth star and the designation ‘Camping Village’ thanks to the many services we offer and the quality of the product we proudly offer.

Ours is now a place we like to call ‘a little oasis’ where peace and serenity reign, where it is easy to find smiles both in the people who work there and, above all, in the people who visit us.

Vela Blu is an intimate and cosy village that accommodates about 900 people with different needs but who have one thing in common, the most important thing: savouring the slow rhythms of an open-air holiday in a seaside village, equipped with all the facilities to enjoy a carefree holiday surrounded by the authentic nature of Cavallino.

To this day we can consider ourselves grateful to have realised this dream, which is the result of our commitment and above all our passion for hospitality.

At Vela Blu you will be greeted by the smiles of our staff who will immediately know you by name. Here everyone finds their place, with continuous attention and care for details.

Our village is certified “Village 4All”, an avant-garde project in Italy, born and raised over the years to promote the spirit of accessible tourism.

A close-knit team of professional entertainers and activities for all ages to give your children unforgettable experiences and to keep everyone involved in games and fun until the evening.