Tailor-made fun for adults and children...

Joy and happiness every day! In our village you and your little ones will experience moments in which you will have fun and be carefree. A close-knit team of entertainers is ready right from the morning to awaken your natural vitality, to give your children unforgettable experiences and to involve everyone until the evening in games and activities designed especially to entertain you.

Village clubs

At every age the right activities: the best way for all children to have fun!

Minibibo Club: from 4 to 12 years old

Your children and young people will be looked after by professional entertainers who organise daily games, activities, workshops and tournaments, including a hip hop and musical school, cooking workshops, pottery workshops and much more.

Don’t worry, entrust them to us, because we have thought of everything to make sure they have an active, full and unforgettable holiday!


Who is Bibo? It is our friendly mascot, always active, always ready to entertain children and adults alike! You can meet it in the gym, in the water park, on the beach… Bibo wanders around the village at any time of day and it will be easy to see him dancing, singing and above all playing with the little guests.

In the evening you will meet it in the arena during his favourite time of the day: the baby dance! You will see it dancing and involving everyone to the rhythm of the music.

Animators organise numerous activities every day where they will give stamps to make your children become new inhabitants of the Republic of Bibolandia.

Fun even in the evening

Our seafront theatre is the magical place for an evening date; an open-air venue in which to end each of your days. So, amidst the lights and stars, you will witness theatrical performances and musicals staged by our team of entertainers.

The little ones won’t be able to miss the baby dance where they will meet Bibo, our village mascot, every evening.

We want to amaze you and do everything possible to ensure that you and your family have an unforgettable time, which is why we often invite outside companies to perform on our stage with unmissable shows that will truly entertain and excite everyone.